Monday, January 9, 2012

Schuyler Nebraska Siblings

I recently found this beautiful old real photo postcard of four women and a man posing for a photographer while sitting in a buckboard.

As you can see, they appear to be siblings; all five have very similar facial features, but there is no identifying information on the front or back of this card.  

The postcard back has a "Velox" stamp block, and I would date the photograph to about 1908.   

There is a sign on the building behind the wagon that says, "The Sun Press."  There is also lettering on the building at the upper right.  This lettering is very blurred and hard to read, but the lower line clearly reads, "Opera House."  So I had a few clues to use to identify the town. Unfortunately, searching for the "The Sun Press" online did not pay off.  One "Sun" newspaper was found in Cleveland, but this photo sure didn't look like Cleveland.

Here are two scans of the details, blown up and manipulated in Photoshop to the best of my ability.  It took quite a bit of trial and error to decipher the name of the opera house, but it appeared to be J. Janecek, and that was the clue that opened things up.

Searching the internet again, I found a reference to Julius Cahn's Theatrical Guide 1897, that listed Janecek Theatre, J. Janecek, mgr., in Schuyler, Colfax Co. Nebraska.   The guide also listed the local newspapers as, "Sun," "Quill," and "Herald."  In addition Pettengill's Newspaper Directory and Advertisers' Handbook for 1878, lists the "Nebraska, Colfax Co. Schuyler Sun."

So part of the mystery is solved.  But who are these handsome siblings?  How did their lives turn out?  If you can identify them or if you find another breadcrumb left on this trail, please let us know.  

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